Twenty cherubs, their tiny bodies riddled by mega-powered weapons in the hands of a deranged young adult, has sent ripples of shock throughout the civilized world!

Do you hear their frightened cries?  Are we listening to the heartbreak of stunned parents, siblings, friends, and neighbors?  How about the brave teachers and administrators who chose death over doing nothing?  Will we weep for a season and then move on to life-as-usual?

I must confess a part of me is angry that a nation as great and wonderful as America has not long ago found ways of effectively dealing with this multi-faceted, complex problem.

Some wag has asked, “Where was God?”

With tears in his eyes Jesus called each of his tiny cherubs by name and wrapped each of them in his loving arms.   As one of the cherub’s mother said, “All twenty of them have joined hands around heaven’s throne.”

Lord, love is a verb.  May those who make and enforce the laws of our land have the courage to do the right thing about gun control in America.