Gazette  News Flash

The Jerusalem Gazette office will be closed from Dec. 23rd-Dec. 25th.  It will be open again very late on the night of  Dec. 26th.

Meanwhile  Editor-in-Chief Mason wishes for you and yours a most blessed Christmas.  I hope all  the things on my little friends lists  have been tweeted to Santa and  find their way to your home space.

Today I’m reflecting on how different my Christmas Eve celebration is now as compared to when I was five.
My sister, three years older than me, pinched me with gusto when I ratted on her because she had plans to get up after Mama went looking for Santa’s gifts.  She was putting a obstacle in Santa’s way and I was dead set on giving him my full approval. I fell asleep and when I awoke lo, and behold, Santa had come and our bleak farm setting sang with laughter!

Late this afternoon I will join a small group of brelievers in an Espiscopal retreat center for worship and then return to River Myst Haven to dine with Alan and Timothy who make the word family come alive.  They spoil me rotten for five days in a row and I do nothing to stop them!