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                                                      THE FAMILY TREES

Searching one’s ancestral roots can be affirming, rewarding, and occasionally embarrassing. The ancestry of Jesus is no exception.

Matthew traces the Jesus line back to Abraham and it includes such notables as Issac, Jacob, David, and Solomon.  Also included is Judah and his son Zerah, whose mother happens to be Tamar, a prostitute.  Then there is Boaz, whose mother Rahab was a harlot.  For those who frown upon intermarriage must deal with the fact that Boaz, a Jew, married Ruth from Moab, Egypt.  This mixed marriage resulted in a son named Obed who became the grandfather of King David.

Not to be outdone Luke traces the Jesus line back to God.  He contends Joseph is the son of  Heil while Matthew says Joseph is the son of Jacob.