January 19-20, 2013

                                                          THANK YOU, GOD

Thank you, God, for YESTERDAY.  Thank you for all the times you’ve stood by our side, pouring upon us buckets of love and forgiveness.  As we grow older most of us look backwards—perhaps too often.  All the good things seem to have happened yesterday.  The bad things of our past get fuzzy with age and pale in the light of today’a challeneges.  Help us to appreciate the past without wallow in in its reverie.

Thank you, God, for TOMORROW.  That’s the time we plan to give a cup of water, be non-judgemental, forgive those who have wronged us, and make a difference in somebody’s life.  Some of us are making grandiose plans for tomrrow, only to discover tomorrow never arrives.

Thank you, God, for TODAY.  The past is past and will never return.  Let us learn from it.  The future may or may not occur.  Let us live in expectancy.  But today is reality.  Today is your gracious gift.  Give us grace to accept this day with its ‘bumps and warts’ as well as its joys.

In Jesus’ name.  AMEN