February 1, 2013

                                               SOLITUDE AND SILENCE

Do you find it difficult to set aside a particular time and place where/when you’ll pray?
Even when I dedicate a special time and place I’m amazed at the number of things that thwart my intentions. 

The telephone rings,  someone knocks on my door, the dog needs to go outside, I remember something I need to do right away….on and on the list goes.  Pretty soon the thirty minutes I  opted for silent prayer is gone!

If we chose to ignore God, God allows that. Therefore if we wish to pray——to open ourselves up to the possibility that God  will speak to us, teach us, transform us–we must allow space in the busy world we have created.  We must go to a place where the world does not overwhelm us.

The work of silence is the work of gently saying no to the stream of thoughts and feelings that make up our world in order to listen for and say yes to the thoughts and feelings that are the voice of God.

Prayer is not something I can “do”.  It isn’t something I can make happen.  God created me; I did not make God; therefore I cannot cause God to speak.

The prayer of silence is finding a time and place where you intentionally. WITHOUT WORDS, open myself up to God to listen to God under and through all circumstances.

Late afternoon seems to work for me. Watching Jeopardy is over and I’ve taken my dog out for her final “do it” job for the day.