February 2, 2013

                                                                LECTIO DIVINA

Lectio Divina is a formal prayer practice consisting of four steps.

lectio (listening/reading)
meditatio (meditation)
oratio (prayer)
contemplatio (contemplation)

READING  Begin by selecting a passage of Scripture and read it.  It can be any passage of your choosing.  Read the passage several times and if you like from several translations or paraphrases.

LISTENING  for a word or phrase that stands out to you.  Once you have your word or phrase keep repeating it over and over until hopefully it opens you up for the next phase.  It may  be related to the passage you have just read or totally unrelated to it.

PRAYER  Any good conversation consists of both listening and speaking

CONTEMPLATION  Refresh  your mind and spirit with steps 1-3.

Word of caution:  If encountering God’s word were easy there would be no need to practice prayer!  Prayer is not a product; it is a relationship.