February 5, 2013


                                                   THE JESUS PRAYER

Would you agree with me that there is power in the name of Jesus?

                 “There’s Something About That Name”  Gaither, 1936

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, There is something about that name!  Master, Savior, Jesus, Like the fragrance after the rain; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Let all heaven and earth proclaim:  Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, But there’s something about that name!

                       “Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.”

Silence, solitude, praying with scripture are at the heart of all contemplative prayer.  At the same time we each have different ways of understanding and viewing the world around us.  Some see in images and others hear words, some speak in silence and some long to move their bodies to the unseen rhythms of the Holy Spirit.  God wants us to celebrate our differences!

The Jesus prayer is not to replace Solitude and Silence nor Lectio Divina but to enrich our prayer journey.  I hope you will find yourself repeating the Jesus Prayer throughout the day and in the wee hours of a sleepless night.  I trust all of us will find the prayer energy generated by this simple plea:

                        “Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me.”  Amen and amen.