Saturday, March 23, 2013


I enjoyed visiting with two of my favorite friends today:  Rev. Ken Thornton and his wife Doris and Margie McGill, whose pastor husband passed away around two months ago.

Ken has  spent most of his adult life a a minister and took early retirement to become a Hospice minister going back to school and excelling in this field.  Even up until a few months ago Ken volunteered  at Alexian, where I live, to visit and encourage those who face death daily.  Doris has in the past served a a Stephen minister and is a multi-talented person.  They are facing an uncertain future with love and hope.  

Margie’s family visits often and although she has health problems that confine her to a wheelchair she seldom misses a Sunday being in Sunday School and church.

Roll back your mind and your heart and beginning tomorrow begin traveling with me through an horrible-wonderful, hate-love  week the world has never experienced before or since.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest name I know.  He fills my ever longing and keeps me singing as I go.

Last evening I enjoyed a night on the town with my son son Max, my grandson Patrick/Jennifer, and my great granddaughter Ashton.  Ashton and I were born one day apart on the calendar.  My birthday is Feb. 24 and hers is Feb 25th.  The only difference is I turned 82 on the 24th and she turned 14.  Oh, well, it was a delightful evening!