Monday, March 25th, 2013


Having spent the night at Bethany, six miles from Jerusalem, Jesus, along with his disciples, got up early, anxious to return to the Temple.  Jesus was hungry and expected to get some figs from a tree that appeared to be fruit-bearing.  Jesus condemned the fig tree because it proposed to give something worthwhile ie. food for the body, but instead gave nothing.  Such were the people in the Jerusalem hierarchy:  they were supposed to be leading the people in the ways of God but instead were all wrapped up in their own personal desires and were empty both inside and outside. 

In the Temple Jesus disrupted the money-makers who charged enormous fees to change 
the required coins needed to buy sheep and doves used in  the Temple rituals. 
Thus Jesus reminds them and especially us that his house is a house of prayer and is open to all people–no exceptions given!

A church or temple may have all the outward signs of being vital while inside they is is much ado about nothing worthwhile.”

It is also possible for a church or temple to have few of the outward trappings of institutional Christianity yet be a fellowship that becomes the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus to a needy place.