March 26, 2013
Tuesday of Holy Week


Having spent the night at Bethany Jesus and his disciples are up and out early on Tuesday morning.  The disciples are shocked to see the withered fig tree and as was Jesus’s custom he used it as a teachable moment.

It seems that all of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in or near Jerusalem.  Scripture does say he returned to the Temple.  Jesus taught and confounded the religious power brokers.  I’m going to chose for today a view of my favorite stories.  Their presence here in the last few days before He hangs on a Roman cross only magnifies their meaning. 

Matthew tells the story of the sheep and the goats and tells us that inasmuch as we serve the hungry, imprisoned, outcasts, etc we are also serving Him.  It amazes me that those who win his approval were totally unaware of their service record.

In another passage Matthew tells if we want to stand out then we must step down and become a servant.

Luke  gives us the story of Zacchaeus who would not be denied an audience with Jesus and whose life was completely changed by his encounter with the Lord.   Luke also shares with us one of my favorite stories:  a poor widow dropped in her coins amounting to far less than an American penny; yet Jesus said she had given far more than the thousands the big spenders had donated.

What are your favorite stories that happened during Holy Week?  Please share them with me.