SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2013

                                                       HE IS ALIVE

For 40 days we have traveled through the last earthly days in the life of our Lord.

Pass the peace among your friends.   Christ is risen!  He’s risen indeed!  He’s alive!

The women, throwing caution to the wind, came with their burial spices, Mary Magdalene came with only her tears and her love.  Peter and John arrived, after the return of the insistent women, and found the tomb empty.

In 1994 my husband died on Saturday before Easter Sunday.  Some people were surprised to see me in church on Easter Sunday.  Yet, to me, to be there was the least I could do.  As a preacher my husband had preached many Easter morning sermons.  More especially he lived resurrection Sunday in his daily life.  If he had to leave me what better time could  have been chosen?  

On Easter my heart is flooded with many thoughts.  None take precedence over the eternal truth, “Because I live, you shall live also.  Whoever dies, believing in me, shall never die.