Saturday, April 27, 2013

In preparation for teaching a lesson on heaven I’ve spent  well over a month trying to reconstruct the last book in our New Testament, namely, Revelation.

I started with reading the book in in two translations.  Then I began studying the book written by my New Testament professor at Southwestern Seminary(1956).  He convinced me the the major message was to the Christians of the 1st century who were being persecuted and at the same time it has messages  for Christians of all ages.  I still hold to that belief.  The title of his book is Worthy is the Lamb.

I began searching the internet and perusing videos from people who are convinced they understand the book.  I’m not sure that has been a wise venture.

While there is a lot in the book of Revelation I don’t understand some of it sends my  spirit soaring. I’m also convinced  I could drive myself insane spending too much time trying to figure
it out.

Hey, I don’t have to know the whens, wheres, and details of  rapture, tribulations, 1st and 2nd comings, location of heaven, etc.  

I do believe in life after death and since Jesus is there preparing me a place I can be satisfied!