July 4th, 2013

For several reasons this Fourth of  July  will be among my most cherished American holidays.
I’m spending it with my son and his legally married partner Timothy.  I’m enjoying a delightful holiday stay at their River Myst Haven residence near Healdsburg, CA. where all I’m doing is sleeping, swimming, eating, and shopping.  Yesterday I had a  hands on visit to Forget Me Not Farm for neglected children and animals.  Yesterday’s highlight was being the official witness to Alan and Timothy’s  legal ceremony which first occurred as a religious ceremony among many friends at Berkeley, Ca in 2000.

I was deeply impresses by a comment Alan made to me prior to the legal ceremony.  He said, “I can truthfully say I have never been any more in love than I am today.”

It was my unique privilege to share the same prayer, at their request, yesterday as I gave in Berkeley in 2,000 from my book, “Tarnished Halos. Open Hearts.”

Shortly we will have a swim in the pool  and later on will have our own picnic.  Around 6:00 we will attend the Santa Rosa symphony where Alan is on the Board of Directors.  The symphony presentation will be followed by display of fireworks.

Alan recalls the first song I taught him.  It is still one of my favorites—“She’s a Grand Old Flag”

True to WW II upbringing years I love patriotic music.  The overworked phrase, “May God bless America” has deep meaning for me.