JULY 24, 2013


Lord Jesus,
In this sacred hour I gladly commend Timothy and Alan into your gracious keeping.  I thank you for their individual faith journeys.  I thank you that neither of them has allowed the world at large to sully their view of a God of grace, mercy, and love.  In the days that lie ahead may they individually and together draw upon and deepen their faith experiences.

I ask that we, the families of Timothy and Alan, be for them an anchor when bad times come and a gurgling mountain stream during their good times.  Thank you for the friends of Alan and Timothy gathered here today.  Bless each of them with a touch of your grace.

O, Lord, I ask that Alan’s and Timothy’s love for each other, couched in their individual self-respect, flourish in the nitty gritty acts of daily living.  Remind us all that love is perishable and must be carefully tended.

Father, in a world with too much hate and not enough love; too much doubt and not enough trust; too much tunnel vision and not enough faith; too much fatalism and not enough hope; too much pain and not enough joy; too much reality and not enough fantasy; too much war and not enough peace; too much work and not enough play; too many tears and not enough laughter—-help us to major on the “not enoughs.”

Please hear this mother’s prayer as we send Timothy and Alan on their way with faith, family, and friends to sustain their journey.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Excerpt from Tarnished Haloes, Open Hearts by Lynelle Sweat Mason