September 2, 2013

                                                          MY MOTHER

Mom, first and foremost, loved her God and her family.  She was fiercely loyal and devoted to her husband and daughter, much to her own determent on some occasions.

She was a zealous advocate when she needed to be for a loved one.  She didn’t know the meaning of giving up when she felt her cause was just.

Although mom struggled with an anxiety disorder for much of her adult life, she enjoyed many good times with her family.  She especially enjoyed when everyone gathered at Granny’s home for great food, fellowship, and much laughter.

Growing up she was a very determined young woman.  When she set out to get a job she succeeded.  One time when Granny asked her to drive her and her sister Estelle to someone’s house mom did it.  Never mind she’d never driven a car before.

In her later years, despite declining health, she still enjoyed many things such as good food and listening to either George Jones or George Strait on her DVD player.

Even with the loss of most of her eyesight and hearing as well as the struggle it became for her to put one foot ahead of the other, she WANTED TO LIVE!

My mom was a fighter to the very end.  She was a heroine in the true sense of the word.  She was both my mother and my best friend.  I will love and miss her deeply until the day I die.

My she be at peace and rest in the arms of our Lord until that day when all true believers will be reunited with family and friends in his heavenly kingdom.

——————-Kathy Cason, August 25, 2013