Today is Monday, May, 12, 2014

From Fridaay night to around 3:30 afternoon I got the Cinderella treatment!

My son, Alan, took days off from his very busy schedule to enhance a memorable holiday for me.  We dined at 212 Market Street a little past 8:00 Friday night and yes I indulged in creme birrlle( never mind the spelling).  It, along with my petite sirloin, fit the bill.

On Sat. our initial pan was to head for Calhoon, Ga. so I could take pictures of New Echota, which I hope will soon be published.  Overcast weather talked us out of that venture and we went shopping.
I came away with new clothes and a new smaller weight Nikon camera.

On Sunday I loved showing him off to my First Baptist, Chattanooga, family and letting him meet several of the people there who mean so much to me!

We had a lovely buffet dinner at The Chattanoogan and came back to my apartment to take care of Ms. Cleo’s necessities.  When both of us starting fighting the sandman, around 3:30 p.m., we decided it was time to say goodbye.

I forgot to include the beautiful bouquet of flowers that will linger furnishing me concrete reminder of our great visit.

The followers will eventually have to be thrown out.  I’ll become accustomed to my new digs.  The camera will take lots of photos hither and yon but there are somethings that will never fade!

The love, trust, and joy we share when we’re together, the smiles and the hugs, the affirmations that I know I can count on.