May 13th, 2014

All morning long I expected a rap on my door bringing me an UPS delivery.  It never came!

Alexian’s beautiful state-of-the-art health care was dedicated this afternoon and was followed by a tour of the new facility. The Scripture read for this occasion was one of my favorites: Matthew 25-the “inasmuch passage” reminding us godly deeds of mercy  outrank our thoughts.

The tour of the facility was crowded.   I’m estimating well over 400 people were at the dedication service.  I promised my friend, Nita Brightwell, who has hearing and eye losses that we’d come again when it was less crowded.  The people who are in the older facility will be moving to the new one next week.

My third venture had me leaving for the Chattanooga Writer’s Association at 5:45.  I got back to my apartment around 5:15, had a bowl of cereal and took care of my beagle Ms. Cleo.  I spun around and found my phone answering machine blinking.  I dropped everything and traveled to the front desk in our main lobby to get my parcel.

Drat it all!  I had to leave my package in my room.  It was time to leave for our writer’s confab.
Lureen McDaniel, prolific author of many young adult books, was our keynote speaker.  When asked what was her most favorite book she had written she quickly responded, “My two sons.”
To that I added a hearty amen.

Now I’m back home and have opened my package.  Wish I knew how fro take a selfie. You’ll get pictures tomorrow.

 How do you say thanks to a most thoughtful son who is constantly doing beautiful things  for his aging Mom, namely me?

Their name says it all.  My blue handbag is handmade and belongs to one of the leading fashion company in the world:  PRADA, Milano

WOW!  I’ll treasure it always and every time I touch it I’ll remember Alan who  amazes me  and so lavishly says, “Mom, I love you.”