Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

As most of you know I’m on the back porch of seventy-five.

I get a kick out of waking up in the morning to sound of my super loud alarm clock and to my beagle’s vociferous yelps.  Our ritual is always the same.  I let her out of her kennel and and Ms. Cleo who is totally blind yaps her way to the kitchen where she obeys my down command while I prepare her food.  Then she smells her way to whee I’m waiting with slices of banana.  After that she gnaws on a rawhide while I consume my cereal.  Rarely do I get to finish my cereal before she’s ready for outside morning ritual.  Once we’re back inside I finish eating and reading the paper.  Now, ain’t that exciting?

Today one of our residents took three of us women bowling since we didn’t have enough people to merit an Alexian bus.  I was thrilled with my 138 first game score and I’m not telling you how poorly I did on the second game!  I ended up with a respectful 117 for my third game score.

Stay tuned for more Cleo stories.