Sunday, May 18th, 2014

A group of my well seasoned friends and I go out to eat together on every third Sunday after church.  Today we went to 212 Market Street right downtown near Chattanooga’s aquarium.  The food is super good and so is the available parking spaces.  Eight of us attended today.

On these occasions a friend of mine looks in on Ms. Cleo and takes her out to tend to her necessities.  When I got home around two o’clock she was sleeping so soundly until she did awaken until I’d been home around fifteen minutes.

I took my new Prada pocketbook with me to church today and Kathy took a picture of me and the pocketbook.  When I learn how to hook up my new camera to my new computer I’ll send you a copy of it in my blog, providing I learn how to do that little trick.

That’s one of the drawbacks of living in the fourth quarter.  Keeping up with this digital world can sometimes be quiet a chore.

Remember to keep on believing, trusting and caring for those you hold dear.

I’m very encouraged over my latest edition of WHERE THE RABBITS DANCE.  Say a prayer that I can find a home fore it.