Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

My morning started badly.  Trying to get all my ducks in a row before leaving with Ms. Cleo, dropping her off at the kennel for a bath and then on to Rock Spring, Georgia located between Chickamauga, Georgia and LaFayette, Georgia.  I was due there at 11:00 and arrived c. three minutes tip 11:00.

Back to the bad beginning.  For over a week I’ve been dealing with an impacted wax in my left ear.  My appointment is on Thursday and in the meantime I’m putting warmed baby oil in the ear to help get the darn stuff out.  This morning I left the oil in the pan a tad to long on the stove burner.  Off went the fire alarm.  I threw open the door and and open my patio glass doors.  Well, it didn’t stop.  Now of the ladies who cleans our apartments head the noise and did he best to quieten the ruckus.  She wasn’t successful.  Then two of the guys came over and it shut up.

Comment in passing about our retired teacher’s confab:  When you get into Fourth Quarter of life the number of those attending that you know gets smaller and smaller.  That’s sad.

Back at Alexian:  One of my favorites from First Baptist had to be taken to Memorial Hospital this afternoon.  She’s very sick. Her heart keeps misbehaving.  I’m worried.