May  24, 2014

Last night and this morning became “The Missing Reading Classes” case.  Ever since my eye doctor did catract  sugary on both my eyes I’ve had 20-20 vision, needing reading glasses only for reading fine print.  This glasses on, glasses off bit has compounded my memory jaunts.  I’m constantly asking myself, “Where are my glasses?”  After checking the usual laces I went to the drugstore and bought myself another air.  Probably the sneaky old ones that are playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with me will sooner or later show up.

I’m kind of loafing today and looking forward to talking with Alan at noon.  The other big events including watching the Atlanta Braves and Milwalkee compete at four o’clock and to play bingo at 7:00.  Let’s hope my winning streak continues.