Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Got up at 6:00, ate a bite, and took Cleo out for her morning duties, and headed straight for the computer to work on my synopsis for Where the Rabbits Dance.  When I glanced at the clock it was twenty to nine and there I sat in my p.j.’s and I needed to leave for church at 9:00.  I managed to leave around 9:10 and still got there ahead of most of the class.

Max Bohner taught our lesson again today and reminded us the importance of communication to the God who is forever above us and yet very much alive in our hearts.  He spent a major portion of the lesson examining with us the beginning phrase of the Lord’s Prayer:  our father.

Pastor Thomas, using the scene where Jesus ascends to heaven challenged us to not spend so much time looking upward until we fail to look out and interact with people who need what we can share.

Hopefully I have me a roommate for the CBF National Assembly the latter part of June.  My book will be among those for sell at Baptist Today booth.