Sunday, June 8, 2014

Today was Pentecost Day at First Baptist.  The center section of the sanctuary on either side from up above was draped in flimsy bright red material.  The altar table was adorned in red and even the flowers, given in honor of Edith Yantis on her birthday were red.  Our ministers and choir wore white with decorative flames of fire.

After a few introductory remarks coming down the center aisle were about twelve of children and youth doing an interpretive dance routine waving bright  red ribbons bands.  Such a rich experience!

      Chorus:  Send Down the Fire

Send down the fire of your justice, send down the rains of your love,  Come send down the Spirit, breath life in your people and make us the people of God.

Call us to be your compassion, teach us the song of your love;
         give us hearts that sing, give us deeds that ring,
                 make us ring with the song of your love.

Pentecost has always held a special place for me.  It was the last passage of scripture my father preached from before he was killed a bolt of lightning that same afternoon.  Since I was only four months old at the time it has been one of those gems passed on to me by my mother.