JUNE 13, 2014


Why didn’t someone warn me it was Friday, the 13th?  I met some friends at 5:00 and we left for a  cook out at Archie and Nancy’s @ Hamilton Estates.  It rained on us all the way to their spacious house.  Our crowd was smaller than usual, only about 25.  Finally the sun came out and we lingered after eating to chat with friends.

It was about 9:30 when I got back to Alexian and my phone was ringing furiously.  Alice had calling my number—there isn’t any telling how many times.  I was due to eat with Alice and Dorothy and when I didn’t show Alice became worried.  My neighbors Art, Betty, and Suzanne got in on the act.  They had security to come check in my apartment not once but twice.  There was no Lynelle, just Cleo, my beloved beagle.  Betty and Art tried to get Cleo to go outside but she said, “No thanks.” Suzanne tried to get Cleo to go outside for a potty trip but Cleo refused to budge.

I’m pretty sure I told Dorothy on Tuesday that I wouldn’t be there on Friday but that was Tuesday and yesterday was Friday.

It’s kind of nice that when you don’t show up friends sound an alarm and kind of funny too.

One of the special treats at our Sunday School picnic was getting to touch bases with my good friend, Johnny Pierce, editor of Baptist Today and the person responsible for my memoir being published by Nurturing Faith.