Tuesday, June 31, 2014

To those of you who aren’t Baptist and think that The Southern Baptist Convention is the spokesperson for Baptists may be surprised to know that no convention, not even the powerful SBC can exercise control over a local Baptist church except to the extent the local church is a willing participant.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, now 23 years old, was born as a reaction to the successful effort by conservatives to capture the denominational institutions of the S.B.C. after ten years of public controversy.

Suzii Paynter, Executive Co-ordinator of CBF, says, “We’re not a denomination. We’re interconnected.  We’re woven together.  In  a world of religious and institutional denominational decline we’re vital.  We’re alive and it’s not accidental.”

C.B.F. was expecting upwards to 1,500 to participate in the 2014 assembly in Atlanta.

Viva la difference between us and the Southern Baptist Convention.  May we always be in the process off becoming Christian.