July 9, 2014

What a glorious, hectic, win, no win day!

It started off great with me having one of best outings bowling.  I netted a 127 average for the three games we play.  I usually manage to have at least one super low game but not this tim.

The bubble began to show signs of bursting when I got home.  I called to see when the Hearing aid people were coming to Alexian and was told they had been there this morning and wouldn’t be back for another month.  So, here I am holding a shattered hearing aid whose warranty status runs out in three days.  I get on the phone to talk with Dr. J.’s office which a thirty minute drive away from where I live.  After some dickering the receptionist tells me they could see me at 2:00.  It is now 1:00.

I call one of best friends who is also my dog’s buddy and she agrees to take care of Ms. Cleo in case I’m late getting back.  It’s now pushing 1:30.  O.K. the coast was clear, or so I thought the coast was clear.  I hopped in my Toyoto and began backing out.  Meanwhile my neighbor had begun pulling into his parking space and I had rammed the side of his vehicle.  I told him of my insurance carrier and assured him I’m be back later in the afternoon.

I seem to have an affinity to collecting bumps and scrapes when I’m backing up or in.  Otherwise my driving record is almost spotless.  I’m thankful for insurance and pray my rate doesn’t go sky high.


After Dr. J. did my hearing evaluation we talked about options and I wound up trying out their newest product Lycra.  It is super wonderful and if my son agrees to fund them I’d love to keep them.  It is so much like natural hearing until I’m amazed.

So long, for now.