JULY 17, 2014


This has been a well spent day.  It seemed to cold this morning for water aerobics but I went anyways.  I was the only resident to show up but to my delight the water temperature was warm and I I went through my routine for thirty minutes.  Attend a scholarship board meeting from 1:30 to nigh on 4:00.  Fortunately I was already dressed for a special banquet I was to attend this afternoon in honor  Dr. Joel Avery and his wife Nanette picked me up sat 4:45.  Dr. Ferd White,the first hospital chaplain in the Chattanooga area.  To meet Ferd is to love him.  He”s chock full of delightful stories of his childhood,  school days, college, and post college days.
Over twenty of my fellow class members from the Water’s class were in attendance.  Before he became sick he taught our class once a month.  We’re such an ornery bunch until it takes four or five teachers to keep us in line.  They even got so desperate one time until they asked me to teach!

This occasion reminded me of the time Alan and I staged a surprised birthday celebration in honor of my husband’s 80th birthday.  It was a roast and my good friend Lois Greer was the mistress chair woman.  Claude passed away in 1991 and my favorite way of remembering him is by lighting a candle and playing that video.  That’s not to discount the one sided conversations I sometimes have with him.  He’s a patient listener.  If he ever begins to answer me audibly then move me over to alzstimer (I never could spell that word) unit.

Hope to visit the Rossville Library tomorrow, borrow some ancient tomes on colonial Georgia, and stop by the duck pond to replenish my John Ross House photos.