July 20, 2014


It’s Sunday but it doesn’t seem like Sunday.
I woke up or rather my beagle, Ms. Cleo barked me out of bed around 6:00 only to find for as far as my eye could see was gray, grayer, and grayest masses of fog.  My first impulse was to call in and tell our S.S. Pres. I wouldn’t be coming down the mountain today and then to crowd Cleo out of her favorite couch seat.

Then I thought of Kathy Stewart who is in my class and also lives on Signal.  She also is many decades younger than me.  So I give her a ring up and she agrees to pick me up.  Since she takes June McEwen every Sunday they never stay for church because two hours is more than June can take since she had a series of mini strokes several months ago.

I love Sunday School but I really miss corporate worship…the music, community, preaching, hugs…all the things that make worship what it is at FB C.  As my friends at CBF are fond of saying, “We’re woven together.”

More rain in the forecast.