JULY 24, 2014

Went to Water Aerobics and once again I was the only one there.  Anyways, I did my routine and thanks to my YMCA instructors of long ago I have the routine committed to memory.

In the p.m. while the Braves were buckling under to the Miami Marlins I worked on updating my time line and a synopsis for Noble Wimberly Jones who upon his death was the last survivor of the original Georgia colonists.  He played a critical roll in establishing Georgia’s first medical society and served as its first president.  Noble Wimberly became a thorn in the flesh of Georgia’s Crown Colony Governor Wright and was an adamant spokesperson for Georgia’s Liberty Boys.

I’m in the process of rewriting his story with hopes of publishing it.  It will be historical fiction since most of her personal papers belonging to the Jones family were burned during one of Savannah’s fires that engulfed most of the city.