AUGUST 2, 2014

I went to check out where my friend Barbara Lane is now living so I can pick her up on my way to Sunday School and church at First Baptist of Chattanooga tomorrow morning.  It’d just a tiny blip off the main road and I had no trouble locating her.

I plan going over the Sunday School lesson with my friend Margie who lives in the health care unit here at Alexian  when I visit with her this afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago Margie exclaimed, “The Devil is working me over full time.  I never read my Sunday School lesson ahead of time anymore.”  Then she turned facing me and said, “Do you?”

I burst out laughing. “I guess he’s working me over full time, also.  I seldom ever read mine either!”

We sat there and had ourselves a good laugh.  Afterwards I decided I could do something about that.  I hope she approves my plan.

Other than a short workout on the bicycle machine I plan on doing nothing more streanous than eating a good meal, sharing with my buddies, and playing org should I say losing at Bingo?