August 3rd, 2014

                                               I LOVE FIRST BAPTIST

I love Sundays!  That’s the time when I journey down Signal Mountain and wind up at First Baptist Church in Chattanooga.

I love the Water’s Class!

My class is made up of 40-50 adults.  Most of them I suspect are in their 70’s and a number of them fit into my age bracket of 80+.  Regardless of our age we’ve chosen to be woven together through love.  You’d think we were a class of children who hadn’t seen each other in months.  We mingle with jokes, smiles, and hugs.

I love our library!  After Sunday school I usually stop by the library often to check out a book but always they have a way of making me feel very special.

I love our brunch time!  Between Sunday school and our worship time we intermingle with all ages and if we chose, have a snack. I normally forgo the eating but relish seeing other members of our church  fellowship that without this meeting time I might not see.  Bless be the tie that binds our hearts together. We are woven together in love.

I love our worship service!

The music sends my spirits soaring, encourages my lagging faith, and urges me to walk with Jesus.
All facets of our music points to the worship theme for the day.  Our pastor always challenges us to keep out eyes focused on the kingdom of God in our midst…to be caring, thoughtful  encouragers among our flock and to look for ways to share Jesus with others.