August 5, 2014

Voting Day where in Tennessee will be over come Thursday, August 7th and I for one will be glad.  All the negative mudslinging comments turn me off.

If I were a Republican I’d vote for Lamar Alexander and Weston Wamp.  Since I’d never be able to support their entire ticket  I’ll stick with the slate offered by the Democrats.


Our church staff is leading  us to engage in two weeks of in-house house cleaning  as we get ready to launch a new church year. We call them “Sabbath Days.”

Our house/apartment needs sabbath days. Twice a month someone comes and cleans my apartment thoroughly and twice a month  someone changes my linens, kitchen, bathroom, and floors.  Even so there are many do it yourself jobs that only I can do.

Our inner spiritual house needs sabbath days.  We need to drink deeply from the fount of solitude and rediscover both who we are and our faith calling.  It’s not about me.  It’s about us.