Tuesday, August 12,2014

It’s 10:00 P.M.  and I’ve accomplished three tasks in almost 20 hours.  I went to water aerobics, wrote the first draft of book one, of a three book series,on Noble W. Jones, and attended our local chapter of Chattanooga Writer’s Guild to hear Dr. Verbie Prevost, chair of UTC’s English Department bring and entertaining and somewhat informative discussion on Appalachian literature.  Unfortunately two ladies  monopolized  the session and darn it all, I wasn’t one of them.  Good writing rises to the top and who cares what label it bears?

Well I did do a few others things: shampooed and blow dried my hair, researched via the internet what books are available to me in the research department of Chattanooga’s main Library and picked up a book I’ve been wanting to reread from the children’s department.

Good night until tomorrow.  May I dream only of making strikes and spares.