Wednesday, August 13, 2014

                                                  I CAN HEAR YOU!

My wonderful son, Alan, continues to reinforce my daily living in so many remarkable ways.

When I needed cataract surgery he paid for me to have laser surgery.  Now the only time I wear glasses is when I need to read the fine print in the newspaper.  I also wear them when I’m working at the computer.

My hearing aids and I have had an on-running battle for years.  I left one at the Chattanooga downtown a day before I’d booked a trip to Rome, Italy.  I lost another one several years after moving to my current living quarters at Alexian Village and never recovered it.  Over the years  I’m managed to break at  least two hearing aids and was constantly looking for one managed to hide in the cracks, usually of my sofa.


Dr. Johnson shared with me about a hearing aid that never needed a battery, that was inserted only by a specialist, that you never took out (except in an emergency), you could wear it to water aerobics, shower with it on, and even shampoo your hair.  It seemed too good to be true.

After wearing them for a month I’m no longer embarrassed over not being able to  hear what others are saying.  I hear them well!  It is solo liberating and once again my son, Alan, is footing the bill.

I feel like I’ve been given an extra ten years to fool around with.


It was fun and here I am with my friend June McEwen.

Notice I’m silent on my bowling scores this week.  They weren’t good!

This is my son, Alan