August 24, 2014

I love my church because it is a place where children are highly valued and nourished.  On Sunday mornings I enjoy watching the children gather under the watchful eye of our beloved children’s leader Michael S.  Some skip down the ailse of the church sanctuary, others bring with them a security item, while others hold on tightly to the hand of an older brother or sister and occasionally an eager parent will accompany their youngster to the gathering.  It’s not unheard of for one of them to give a friendly greeting to their parents they have momentarily left behind.
Children’s Dedication Days are so very special at First Baptist. Who can resist the pristine beauty of a a baby? Not me!  We promise to partner with the parents in giving loving support to their offspring and after the child is wrapped in a special made knitted quilt of love,  prepared by a group of women in our church,  a circle of friends join together as the pastor leads in prayer.
I love being a prayer angel for three girls.  One is in the fourth grade, another  is in the eighth grade and lo and behold one is now a senior at SMHS.  I’ll highlight these special friends in another blog.
I don’t won’t to leave this blog without mentioning the unique joy that is mine when one of our children commit  their live to Jesus.