I remember those times when Mama’s heart was heavy, when there wasn’t enough money to erase the debts, when health problems within the family loomed bigger than life and she couldn’t change them. But most of all I remember Mama’s laughter.  It wasn’t a tiny hee-haw.  Mama would toss back her head and when she laughed her entire body laughed with her.  I remember the stories she’d tell…stories that got better when she knew she had you in the palm of her hands.
Mama’s birthday was on September 1st.  She was born on September1, 1899, and died on Feb. 9th, 1981.  She was left a widow when she was 31 and I the last of eight children was four months old.  My father, also 31, was killed by lightning.  The following year Mama lost her beloved mother.  Mama lived in an era where financial help was very, very limited.

For me my mama memories are warm and loving.  How I’d love once again to climb up into her lap and be cuddled.

Nation wide this is also Labor Day.  I’d like to say my thanks to those who do thankless tasks every day that makes life for the rest of us easier and better!