September 20, 2014


Cool morning air greets me around 6:30 a.m. when Ms. Cleo, my beagle, and I make it outside for her morning gig.

I’m head over heels trying to reedit the critique session I had with Gennifer C. and also mailed my manuscript Behind Enemy Lines to Nurturing Faith for their consideration.

My butt is tired from so much sitting so I’m  heading over to the gym to do a little bicycle pedaling .

Suzii Paynter, Coordinator for  Cooperative Baptist Fellowship reminds us we are woven together by the earthly realities of kinship, friendship, history, memory, kindness, work, and affection.


One of the most helpful and well executed sessions was presented by Jennifer Rofe. She gave us a handout and then used it as a teaching tool.  I wasn’t a bit surprised when I learned she’d once been a teacher.  Her conference subject, “Don’t be Weary It’s Just a Query,” left me with a clear cut understanding of the specifics involved in writing a query letter.
Highlights from Query Session
1.  Tell the editor why you chose him/her and be sure you spell his/her name correctly
2.  One or two sentences introduction to your work
3.  Paragraph 11+:  Your story in a nutshell.  Think: jacket copy–an accurate summary that creates intrigue.  DO NOT REVEAL THE END.  Make your reader want more.  As a general guide, aim to include the Who? What? Where? and Why should we care?
Paragraph III+: Who you are, as relevant to your writing, including your writing credits.  Also, what else you are working on, if applicable.  Finally indicate  that you’ve followed submission guidelines.