September 22, 2014


Rosemary Stimola:  The Risky Business of Children’s Publishing:  An Agent’s View

Rosemary’s credentials were tremendous yet she was willing to risk everything in search of the right job for herself.  With humor she allowed us to see the different parts of her personal writing journey.  She also reminded us of how difficult it is today to get a book published–even to be critiqued.
I respected her expertise and her honesty!
On Sunday morning Rosemary Stimola, Kelly Delaney, and Amanda Driscoll:  From Spark to Flame:  A Picture Books Path to Publication

I thought once your picture book was accepted the hard work was over.  I marveled at the many many steps Amanda Driscoll went through before her pb was put on the shelf.  Truly amazon and very informative!
FIRST PAGES didn’t work for me.  No one in my group came.  This was okay for me since my critique scheduled with Gennifer Choldenko happened during the time slot for First Pages I was a little relived. 

If I’m going to spend my money, time, and energy going to a conference I’m going to do my darnest to implement what I’ve learned.  This is especially true of my critique sessions.  Today I finished up my critique effort of my 1st ten page of Where the Rabbits Dance and sent them to Laura Backes of Children’s Book insider for her  consideration.  Last week I mailed to her the Master copy sheet of Gennifer’s comments.