During Sunday school we had a lively discussion on how literal to take parables.  Our passage for today dealt with the worker and the vineyard owner who paid them all the same wage regardless of the number of hours they worked.  Seems to me the scriptures themselves make the matter of interpretation  clear.  Parables are stories of everyday events to teach us heavenly truths.  As far as I’m concerned there isn’t any room for taking them literally.  The passage isn’t about fair work policies.  It’s about a generous God who makes generous decisions concerning some people that baffles us.  We might write ascertain people off but God is in charge not us!

Our sermon for the day came all with props, etc on Jonah was delivered by our children-youth director, Supulveda.  It’s dangerous to cross people or nations off when God has them penciled in.

Went to Longhorn restaurant for lunch and returned to FBC for the Gong Show that was full of entertainment and auctioned sweets—all proceeds going to missions.


Jeff Parker,  our Minister of Music and our Adult choir consistently challenge  me by their choice of music as well as how well they deliver i8t.  It’s all about accepting ourselves and others because we’ve been accepted by God, our Heavenly Father.