Thursday, September 25, 2014


Lois was our neighbor when my family lived in the parsonage belonging then to First Baptist Church of Rossville, Georgia.   We lived there for years before we really got to know one another.  For me the big connection began when my son Alan was getting ready to go to college.  He was looking for a school that offered a degree in oboe performance.  I don’t even remember how it happened but we learned that Lois’s sister, Doris, was an oboe professor at Baylor U. at Waco, Texas. Pretty soon the two of them connected and before long he was headed for Baylor and from that moment on our friendship has been solid.
When Gene, Lois’s spouse died Lois had a very hard time emotionally.  She could hardly talk with crying.  She missed him so very much.
Lois and I once visited Doris at Waco.  I was attended my college reunion at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, some 40 miles south of Waco. Alan at that time had already graduated and was a doctoral candidate at UC @ Berkeley.
Later on Alan and Timothy paid for the air travel for Lois and me to enjoy the wonders of Big Island, Hawaii.  She was a great companion and the entire experience is one I’ll always remember with joy!
In the past ten years I watched her health decline but she always snapped back.  Monday I heard she’d had a  cerrebal hemorrhage and was in the intensive care unit at Erlanger.  
In the meantime I’m waiting, loving, and remembering a very, very good friend.