Thursday, October 9, 2014

The weather on Signal Mountain, after a few chilly  days last week is pants and turtle neck weather.

I’m making head way on my rewrite effort of my Georgia manuscript.  The first manuscript will be a historical fiction glimpse into the life of nine year old  Noble Wimberly Jones as his family struggles with  whether to leave Lambeth, England and become part of the colony being formed Georgia.  It also will include his experiences aboard The Anne, the ship that brought the first group of settlers to Georgia in 1733, the very early adventures and perils of starting up a colony and concludes when he is fourteen and moves into a house built by his father called Wormsloe.    Wish me luck and a lots of diligence to details.


GEORGIA  was a English colony but, unlike the other 12) it was established and paid for by the personal and subscribed funds of 21 men in the London area.  They also received funds from the British government but this grand experiment was founded by and supported by 21 men who seemed altogether altruistic in the 1730’s.  The colonist were to report totally to the Trustees. Todays world makes you wonder at least as to some of their policies.