October 11, 2014

In my neck of the woods Saturday’s are given over to wall-to-wall coverage of college football. Georgia won big time without Worley today against  Missouri.

Tennessee is running ahead of Chattanooga.  In case you don’t know it this Georgia fan is surrounded by Rocky Top fans known as Volunteers!

My other special team is Baylor U.  They’re going head to head with TCU who right now has them at 14-0.


Nurturing Faith  who published my memoir Tarnished Haloes, Open Hearts has offered me the same contract for my HF manuscript, Behind Enemy Lines.  It’s targeted age for children in grades 5-8th.  I do hope you’ll consider buying copies for yourself, your children, or as in my case, great grandchildren.  I will especially covet the help of teachers, Boards of Education personnel, and any other likely area for marketing.
This is the agreement of my contract.  I’ll pay Nurturing Faith $1,800 up front and they’ll give me one hundred books to sell as I wish.  They’lll also let me purchase additional books at a discounted price.  Of course the book will be offered at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Nurturing Faith.  I only get a small stipend from books sold through Nurturing Faith.
I’m overwhelmed with this opportunity to leave behind for children a gripping story of a boy who runs away to find his Confederate Pa and gets caught up in a terrible battle.  Does he find his Pa? 

Oglethorpe called their new homesite Savannah.  Shortly they were greeted by a band of Indians, led by Chief Tomochichi and his adopted son fifteen year old Toonahowie.