Sunday, October 12, 2014


There’s something about a rainy day that makes me want to turn over, go back to sleep, have a leisure breakfast, read the newspaper and loll the hours away.
What did I do?  After being alarmed by my faithful beagle at 6:00 I crawled out of bed, fixed her breakfast and took her outside for her necessity walk.  By the time I ate and read parts of the newspaper she had resumed her sleep mode.  So through the Signal fog I drove down the mountain to Sunday school and church.
Max Banner, outstanding local attorney, shared with us some profound thoughts on worship.  He feels we are fast losing our sense of awe and mystery in worship–not just in my church but in Christian circles around the globe.  God expects us to ask questions and to GROW.

My take:  If I’m the same Christian I was five years ago then I’m in a pathetic growth cycle as a believer.  My God, i.e. our God has been, is, and always be eons above our paltry thoughts.  It is dangerous for us to put words in God’s mouth.  Amen


The first group of settlers came to Georgia aboard a two ton frigate ship called The Anne–named for Queen Ann.  The year for their departure was 1732 from Gravesend, England. On board was a ten year old boy who in his adult year served Georgia as a physician, statesman, and friend.  His name is Noble Wimberly Jones and he’s the protagonist of my first-of-three manuscripts on his life and times.