Saturday, October 18,2014


Nita’s birthday is tomorrow but we had a small gathering of friends on Friday prior to dinner.  The part was hosted by Betty Matthew, my great bowling partner for night on five or six years.  You haven’t lived until you meet Nita.  In her later years both her ears and eyes are giving her a heap of trouble.  But that doesn’t stop Nita.  She loves to hold center stage and is quiet knowledgeable in many area.  Like me she enjoys historical people and events.  She’s had her time on the stage and still has a beautiful singing voice that makes me want to hide mine in the closet.  Her youngest daughter is visiting this week to help celebrate Mama’s birthday.  Nita reminds me of the main character on Designing Women, aT.V. show of days gone by.
My son Max is coming to our area from his Key West hideaway.  He’s convinced he’s living in Paradise and who am I to convince him otherwise?  It will be good for part of our family to get together this week.

When the Georgia colonist were due to leave Gravesend to cross the AtlanticOcean to establish a colony near Charles Town(later called Charleston) their trip was delayed nearly two weeks.  The metropolitan area ofLondon was besieged with  frigid weather.