Sunday, Oct. 19th, 2014

It means so much to me every Sunday to sit with my grand kids in absentia.  Since their real grandparents live out of town we adopted each other many years ago.  Their parents are Jeff and Jenny Parker who happen to be our Minister of Music and pianist for FBC.  It gives me a special warm fuzzy to be greet with a hug and, “Hello, Ms. Lynelle, how are you?”  When this relationship began Joci was in kindergarten and Jordyn was in the fifth grade.  Now Joci has begun her first year in middle school and Jordyn is a senior.   One thing is certain.  They sure know how to make this old lady feel special.  Yes, we are indeed FAMILY.
When Georgia was established  in 1733 the Carolinia’s had been around since 1663.(In its colonial days it wasn’t separated into North and South Carolina).  The governor of Carolina at Charles Town, later known as Charleston, said, “Don’t let the passengers on the Anne see how well we’re doing or they’ll never begin their new colony.