Tuesday, October 28th, 2014


I’m trying to be a good steward of my writing time but this great Fall weather is wooing me outside!  While my neck of the woods has yet to blossom out in fall foliage the nearby mountains are bursting with  a pallet of colors that causes me to sing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music…..”  I only share my musical thoughts with my dog Cleo and even she has her doubts about my singing talents.
Cleo is developing an ego problem.  Now that she’s about to appear in print she kind of bounces along with an attitude problem.  I’m sure her namesake, my mom, would be proud of Cleo’s achievements!  Even my critique editor is asking for a paws copy in April.  So if you’re planning on buying a copy (I don’t know the price yet) let mer know and we’ll put you on our waiting list.

The 21 trustees who screened the first group of colonist going to Georgia could have used some  psychological screening help.  They aimed for people who would work hard, defend the colony, and have high morals.  Historical data reveals they could compete well 2014 when it came to marital infidelity, religious fanatics, people who never went to church, thievery, murder—you name it 18th century Georgia had a fair sampling of derelicts.  Their method of dealing with such atrocities were most inhumane.  Law enforcements often depended on who you knew.  Does that bear a familiar ring?