Sunday, November 2, 2014


My suitcase had been packed and ready to go for several weeks.  At last the big day arrived.  I vaguely remember a few screams but indelibly etched on my mind is the sheer joy I experienced when around 7:30 p.M. a nurse brought you in to my room for me to hold and to give you some orange juice.
That awe, joy, devotion, and love has continued through the years.  If possible it grows deeper with the passage of the years.

I am one blessed mother who is extremely proud of your many achievements and the attention you give to the “unto the least of these.”  I’m most grateful for all the ways you strengthen me in my fourth quarter journey.


My church along with the international church family on the first Sunday in November pauses to remember with joy those who have proceeded us.  Today I’m remembering my family:  Ward, Cleo, John Ward, Quentin, Harold, Chandos, Herbert, and Kathryne.  I’malso remembering the love of my life:  Claude Thomas Mason and a host of friends of the most recent being Lois Grant Greer.
 Each of these evoke many cherished memories.  Keep vacant a place for me.