Winter shoved its way into our mountain top refuge today.  It was angry with gusts of wind and the tops and windshields of our cafes were covered with snow.  All of that even before the treat or trick kinds were turn loose.
I’m in the process of getting people to read Behind Enemy Lines and hopefully give me an endorsement.  So far I have a teacher from Walker County and a  park ranger from Chickamauga National Park.  The paperback edition won’t come out until April, 2015 and I have 100 copies to sell so please plan to buy one. Behind Enemy Lines will make an  excellent gift for anyone who loves a story full of heart tugs and a good addition to individual children, schools, and libraries.  Some folk are better than others at multi-tasking.  I find myself moving fairly easily between  early Georgia, the removal of the Cherokees and the America Civil War.

 The manuscript I’m currently working on revising has to do with the life of Noble Wimberly Jones who came with his family as a ten year old lad  with the first group of settlers to Georgia.  Upon his death he was lauded as Georgia’s foremost doctor and President of Georgia’s first medical society.  I have an ambitious goal of making this into three books and plan to begin the editing phase for book one by early December.


The Anne, a 200-ton British galley was only 87 feet long and 26 feet wide.  My apartment is 1,257 square feet.  Lengthwise the Anne would not have been longer than two apartments in my building put together and about the same size as from my dining area, living room, and patio combined.  That seems terrible small to me when you consider there were 144 people, plus, the crew, plus the animals, and plus the big guns for defense purposes.  And don’t forget it relied solely on sail power.