Friday, November14th, 2014


Joanna Ruth was born to Thomas and Maggie Quisenberry yesterday at 9:43 a.m. weighing in at six pounds and she’s 193/4 inches long.
JoAnn will join three adorable sibling brothers: Caleb, Joshua, and Micah.
I can’t wait until she’s old enough for me to hold!

(continued John and Sophy’s romance)

Imagine Wesley’s shock when Mrs. Causton asked him to announce Sophy’s marriage to William Williamson at Purrysburg, South Carolina.  Wesley left immediately for Carolina to protest their policy of marrying Georgians without a license.  South Carolina said they’d never do it again.
Don’t spurn John Wesley or miss his weekly church services if you expect to take communion.  The holiday to observe Georgia’s first court turned sour when Wesley refused in public worship to administer communion to Sophy Hopey Williamson.  Her husband demanded 1,000 pounds from Wesley for defaming her character.  Weslley’s lame excuse was Sophy had failed to notify him in writing she wanted to take communion.  He’d already told her she couldn’t take communion again without first having a conference with him.  Sophy didn’t conference and since her marriage she’d missed attending Wesley’s small group meetings.  Wesley didn’t pay the 1,000 pound fine and it never came to trail.  He did return to England in 1737.
Last installment due out tomorrow