Winter’s here.  What happened to Fall?
It’s raining, foggy, windy and near freezing.  Some say snow is in the  forecast for tomorrow.  UGH

If you can read the book of Judges and come out of it believing every word,thought, and idea without any error you’re one ahead of me.
Our discussion today centered on chapter 4 of Judges and extols the virtues of a woman.  If you haven’t noticed the entire Bible is kind of stingy in extolling the virtues of women.  I think  Ruth, Esther, Deborah and a smattering of names in the New Testament.  A cluster of Mary,’s Martha, Lydia, Anna.
Deborah must give a few Southern Baptist leader’s sleepless inerrant nights.  She’s labeled a prophetess and is definitely a hands on kind of leader.  We had fun discussing then and now view on women in ministry.  I blame Doctor Marguerite Woodruff for my liberal women views.
Where do you stand in your views?  Please share them with me.